Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 12th at 12:00 PM EST, marks the deadline for taxpayers to provide their banking information to the IRS, in order to receive their stimulus payment via direct deposit, instead of a check.

Roughly $200 billion has already been paid to 130 million people by the IRS, as of last week, meaning approximately 20 million Americans have still yet to receive theirs.

The IRS may not have your banking information for several reasons. If you have not previously filed a tax return, you owed money previously versus receiving a refund, you opted to receive your refund via check or if you have changed banks (or accounts). 

Some stimulus payments have already been sent via check to some recipients, but fulfilling the remainder of the check based payments could take until July to complete.

If you have not provided your direct deposit information and wish to do so before tomorrow’s deadline, you can follow this link:

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