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We are always looking for exceptional people to join our firm. Whether you are just embarking on your career or you are a seasoned professional, looking for a change, there are opportunities at Newburg | CPA. People from a wide range of backgrounds and experience have helped make Newburg | CPA the firm it is today. The future of the firm will be greatly impacted by the new generation of talented people who embark on a career with us to continue shaping the firm as we move forward.

To be considered for a position please email your resume and cover letter to our Recruiting Team at career@newburg.com. Please state which position you are applying for, or apply via one of the job postings listed on this page.

What our team is saying about working at Newburg CPA

“Our firm culture is amazing and we truly appreciate the need for work / life balance. Our collaborative culture, challenging engagements and my fellow co-workers make Newburg CPAs a great place to work. My favorite perks include flexible scheduling, remote options, dress for your day.. oh and the casino trip we take to celebrate the end of a successful tax season!”
Morgan E. Fata
“I like working at Newburg because I get to work with a great team of talented professionals and there are lots of opportunities for career advancement. The exposure you get to various industries, the emphasis on education, and the breadth of resources that are available to you are invaluable.”
Colin A. Smith
“I knew right away this was where I wanted to be. The people I work with are patient, helpful and we all work perfectly as a team. The structure is amazing and we, as a firm, are always brainstorming ways to make everything run more efficiently. The partners and managers welcome opinions and ideas. I feel extremely motivated each day and I have grown so much as a person in the time that I have worked here. The added bonus is the fun activities the firm plans for everyone throughout the year such as Foxwoods, Bowling, Cornhole, luncheons and more! It’s so nice being appreciated!”
Stephanie T. Porter
“When I first started working at Newburg I had no idea what to expect, but as I began to learn my way around everything seemed to fall into place. When I walked through the doors I knew this was a team atmosphere. We work in teams from the partners to the staff on each job and this allows even the youngest staff to see many different aspects of the job, while also working directly with partners. No matter how big or small, everyone is always helpful in answering questions. In addition, they have a great mentor program that allows staff to advance within the field as we are constantly being challenged with different types of work.”
Kylie R. Finnerty
“I chose to work at Newburg because it offered a career, instead of a job. I wanted to find somewhere that would feed me new skills and help me grow. At Newburg, I feel that I’m challenged consistently and comfortably, and it makes me look forward to learning more.”
Katherine A. Laurent
“It’s simple, I like the people I work with, and everyone works hard when needed, but are also relaxed when the time calls for it. We also have the resources and clientele of a national firm, but we get more hands-on experience and client interaction then we would elsewhere.”
Michael F. Desmond
“When I joined Newburg, I was looking for something different than my previous job and wasn’t even sure what I was really getting myself into, but I was looking to find a place where I could grow as a professional and as a person. Starting at Newburg, there was a lot of information to absorb but the people here are always willing to explain and help when needed, which is an added bonus and just an example of how Newburg operates as a team.”
Fiona Tang

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