Form 1099 Filing Requirements and New Changes for 2022

Newburg | CPA Special News Brief December 2, 2022 As the year-end approaches, we wanted to provide you with some reminders regarding Form 1099 filing requirements for 2022. Form 1099 Reporting Requirements (Information Returns) There are a number of different 1099 forms that report various types of payments. Below [...]

2022-12-05T07:11:03-05:00December 2, 2022|

Leave a lasting legacy with a family education trust

Newburg | CPA News Brief November 29, 2022 Providing for the educational needs of your children, grandchildren and even future generations is an honorable estate planning objective. What are your options for achieving this goal? A 529 plan can be a highly effective tool for funding tuition and other [...]

2022-11-21T15:55:09-05:00November 29, 2022|


Newburg | CPA News Brief November 18, 2022 With rising interest rates, inflation and continuing market volatility, tax planning is as essential as ever for taxpayers looking to manage cash flow while paying the least amount of taxes possible over time. As we approach year end, now is the [...]

2022-11-18T12:39:48-05:00November 18, 2022|

2022 Year-End Tax Planning for Businesses

Newburg | CPA News Brief November 17, 2022 U.S. businesses are facing pressure to drive revenue, manage costs and increase shareholder value, all while surrounded by economic and political uncertainties. Disruptions to supply chains brought about by the pandemic have continued into 2022. Inflation and rising interest rates have [...]

2022-11-17T13:37:20-05:00November 17, 2022|

The kiddie tax: Does it affect your family?

Newburg | CPA News Brief November 8, 2022 Many people wonder how they can save taxes by transferring assets into their children’s names. This tax strategy is called income shifting. It seeks to take income out of your higher tax bracket and place it in the lower tax brackets [...]

2022-11-09T14:11:47-05:00November 8, 2022|
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