The Greg Hill Foundation has teamed up with GrubHub to create a new grant opportunity for restaurants through Restaurant Strong Fund. To support Restaurant owners in their efforts to Winterize their outdoor dining spaces and increase their capacity for guests, The Restaurant Strong Fund will be providing $10,000 grants to restaurant. These grants will be limited to restaurants that have 5 or less locations and within the following cities; Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia. Restaurants will have the opportunity to apply for this grant by providing specific plans on winterizing their outdoor dining spaces. GrubHub has kick-started this campaign by pledging a donation of $2,000,000 to the fund and the applications for grants will be open on Monday, November 2nd. The Restaurant Strong Fund will be accepting 1,000 grant applications for each city and initial grants will be awarded to restaurants on a rolling basis starting on November 16th.

To qualify for grant assistance, a restaurant must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Completed Application Form in one of the Participating Cities
  • 5 or less locations for the restaurant and restaurant ownership group
  • Provide a detailed plan of winterization of outdoor dining space
  • Provide restaurant capacities for both interior and exterior dining
  • Provide an appropriate explanation for the need of a grant
  • If awarded, agree to provide photos of outdoor setup.

Here is the link to the Boston Grant Application:

Greg Hill Foundation Boston Restaurant Winterization Grant Application