Want to know the status of your Stimulus Payment?
If you have not received your Stimulus Payment yet, you might be wondering when you will receive it. You are not alone! As such, the IRS has launched a website where you can not only check on the status of your payment, but you can also update information such as your bank account or mailing address.
The site is very popular, so be patient if it is running slowly. You can access the site below:
If you did not file a tax return in 2018 or 2019, you can use the site to enter your payment information as well. If you are a non-filer for ’18 and ’19, you do not need to enter your payment information via the site if you receive the following benefits:
  • Social Security retirement, disability (SSDI), or survivor benefits
  • Railroad Retirement and Survivor Benefits
For more information on the Stimulus Program, follow the link to our earlier newsletter below:
Newburg Clients Assisting in the Fight Against COVID-19
We are proud to work with so many wonderful entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the New England area. To see the outpouring of care and attention they bring to the community and their fight against this horrible pandemic is inspiring. Thank-you to all the healthcare workers and organizations on the front line going into battle each day. Thank-you to those biotech companies such as Karyopharm working feverishly 24/7 to find a vaccine/antidote.  Thank-you to all the restaurants and breweries coming together within the community to support their work staff and the needy during this crisis. As the hospitality industry patiently awaits returning to some type of normalcy in the coming months, there are countless others such as the Phantom Gourmet and the leadership within the MRA who are fighting diligently to support the restaurant community and their fight to get through this.
We applaud them, along with everyone helping to fight this battle, for their efforts.
For additional information/resources, follow the link below for our
COVID-19 Resources Page:
Contact us directly at info@newburg.com should you have any further questions.