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Client Update Form – Individual

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Have you created a living trust? YesNo
Have you created an irrevocable life insurance trust? YesNo
Please list the trustee(s):
Please list the beneficiary(ies):
Gifting or Inheritances:
Do you or your spouse expect to receive gifts or inheritances? YesNo
Anticipated value:
Have you or your spouse made any significant gifts over the years (in excess of $14k each) ? YesNo
Have gift tax returns been filed? YesNo
Do you currently hold any 529 plans? YesNo
Life Insurance:
Company Type (Term, Whole, etc.) Length (years) Death Benefit Owner Beneficiary Annual Premium Amount
Other Insurances:
Do you have disability insurance? YesNo Provider:
Coverage details:
Do you have long‐term care insurance? YesNo Provider:
Coverage details:
List brokerage houses where investments are held:
How many times a year on average do you meet or speak with your investment advisor?
Does your financial advisor maintain an up to date financial plan for you? YesNo
Do you receive periodic investment performance reports over and above monthly statements? YesNo
Do you have a vacation home? YesNo
Include details:
Retirement Accounts:
Do you hold retirement accounts outside of your company/job? YesNo
Type (IRA/Rollover IRA/ROTH/ROTH Rollover, etc.) Beneficiary
Mortgages Held:
Please provide us an update regarding your current mortgages:
Institution Mortgage Amounts Term Current Rate Type (Conv/Home Equity)

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