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2018 Individual Tax Questionnaire

Contact Information

Your Name:
Home phone:
Cell phone:
Work phone:

Personal Information

Did your marital status change during 2018?
Are you legally married?
If Yes, do you and your spouse want to file separate returns?
If Yes, will you file a joint federal return and be required to file single state returns?
Did your address or other contact information change during 2018?
If yes, please provide updated information below:
Can you or your spouse be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer?
Did you and your spouse have health care coverage in 2018?
If so please select provider and include all Forms 1095-A, 1095-B and 1095-C:

Other provider:
Some states now require taxpayers to provide their driver’s license information in order to electronically file tax returns and deter fraudulent electronically filed returns. Please provide your driver’s license to keep on file. The following states require a driver’s license as of the printing of this organizer; Alabama, Ohio, and New York. The following states are requesting the information (but not required at this time): CA, KS, LA, NJ, PA, VA, and WI.
License ID Number:
Issuing State:
Expiration Date (MM/DD/YY):
Issue Date (MM/DD/YY):
License ID Number:
Issuing State:
Expiration Date (MM/DD/YY):
Issue Date (MM/DD/YY):
Did you move to another state in 2018?
If yes, please provide an explanation below:


Were there any changes in dependents from the prior year?
Note: Include non-child dependents for whom you provided more than half the support.
Did you pay for child care while you worked or looked for work?
Do you have any children under age 18 with unearned income more than $2,100?
Do you have any children age 18 or student children, aged 19 to 23, who did not provide more than half of their cost of support with earned income and that have unearned income of more than $2,100?
Did you adopt a child or begin adoption proceedings during 2018?

Identity Theft

Did you or your spouse experience identity theft in 2018 or prior years?
If so, did you receive a federally issued PIN for your 2018 return? Please provide below:

Purchases, Sales and Debt

Did you have any debts canceled, forgiven, or refinanced during 2018?
Did you start a new business, purchase a new rental property, farm or acquire any new interest in any partnership or S corporation during 2018?
If so, please list them here.
Did you sell an existing business, farm, or any existing interest in a partnership or S Corporation during 2018?
Did you sell, exchange, or purchase any real estate or rental property in 2018?
Did you receive grants of stock options from your employer, exercise any stock options granted to you or dispose of any stock acquired under a qualified employee stock purchase plan? If yes, please send support docs.
If you have options from this year or prior years please provide a vesting schedule from your employer.
Did you pay any student loan interest in 2018?
Are your total mortgages on your first and/or second residence greater than $1,000,000 (or more than $750,000 for 2018 Loans)?
If so, please provide the principal balance and interest rate at the beginning and end of the year for each loan.
Did you have an outstanding home equity loan at the end of 2018?
If so, please provide the principal balance and interest rate at the beginning and end of the year.
Was your home equity loan used to buy, build or substantially improve the property that secures the loan?
Are you claiming a deduction for mortgage interest paid to a financial institution and someone else received the Form 1098?
Are you claiming mortgage interest paid to someone other than a bank or financial institution?
If so, did you receive a Form 1098?
If not, please provide name and social security number.
Did you pay any mortgage insurance premiums this year?
Did you sell any securities or virtual currency not reported on your Form 1099-B? (i.e. puts and calls or Bitcoin)
If so, please provide all sale and cost basis information.

Itemized Deductions

Did you make any large purchases, such as motor vehicles and boats?
Did you incur any casualty or loss attributable to a federally declared disaster?
For contributions made with cash to a charitable organization, do you have receipts substantiating the amount given?
For each contribution in the amount of $250 or more and made with checks or credit cards to a charitable organization, do you have written acknowledgement from the charity substantiating the amount given? Written acknowledgements are required and you should maintain this support. Cancelled checks are insufficient.
Did you contribute property (other than cash) with a fair market value of more than $5,000 to a charitable organization?

Foreign Reporting

Were you or your spouse a grantor or transferor for a foreign trust, have an interest in or a signature or other authority over a bank account, securities account or other financial account in a foreign country?
Did you or your spouse own any foreign financial assets?
Did you create or transfer money or property to a foreign trust?
Did you have any foreign income or pay any foreign taxes during 2018?
During 2018, did you receive a gift or inheritance from a foreign person?
Did you work outside the country during the year?
If so, please provide country and number of days:

IRAs and Savings Plans

Did you or your spouse contribute to a Roth IRA or convert an existing IRA into a Roth IRA?
Did you or your spouse roll into a Roth IRA any distributions from a retirement plan, an annuity plan, tax shelter annuity, or deferred compensation plan?
Did you withdraw any amounts from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or Roth IRA to acquire a principal residence or to pay for higher education expenses incurred?
Did you or your spouse make any qualified charitable distributions (QCD) from your IRA (must be over age 70 1/2)?
Did you or your spouse contribute to a deductible or non-deductible IRAs during the year? If yes, please provide form 5498.
Did you or your spouse have any transactions pertaining to a medical savings account (MSA) during 2018? If you received a distribution from an MSA, please send Form 1099-SA.
Did you or your spouse have any transactions pertaining to a health savings account (HSA) during 2018? If you received a distribution from an HSA, please include Form 1099-SA.


Did you pay in excess of $1,000 in any quarter, or $2,000 during the year, for domestic services performed in or around your home to individuals who could be considered household employees?
If yes, has a Form W-2 or Form 1099-MISC been issued to the respective individual(s)?
Did you or your spouse receive distributions from long-term care insurance contracts? If Yes, please send Form 1099-LTC.
Did you use gasoline or special fuels for business or farm purposes (other than for a highway vehicle) during the year?
If Yes, please provide the gallons of gasoline or special fuels used for off-highway business purposes:
Have you received a punitive damage award or an award for damages other than for physical injuries or illness?
Were you notified by the IRS or other taxing authority of any changes in prior year returns?
Did you install any alternative energy equipment in your residence such as solar water heaters, solar electricity equipment (photovoltaic), or fuel cells?
Did you engage in any bartering transactions?
Did you or your spouse serve in the military or were you or your spouse on active duty?


If you paid tolls, EZpass, or transit passes for commuting, please list amounts paid:
If you are a resident of Massachusetts, did you make any purchases out of state for which you owe use taxes?
Do you have a MassTax Connect online account?
If Yes, please provide a printout of your account showing the estimates paid.
If No, do you authorize us to create an online account to confirm your tax estimates?
Have you done any work outside of your resident state during the year?
If yes, please note state and days worked:
If you paid rent for your primary residence, please provide amount:
...and landlord name:


Did you retire or change jobs in 2018?
Did you receive deferred, retirement or severance compensation?
If Yes, enter the date received (MM/DD/YY):
Did you or your spouse turn age 70 1/2 during the year and have money in an IRA or other retirement account while not taking a distribution?

Sale of Your Home

Did you sell your home in 2018?
If Yes, did you receive Form 1099?
If Yes, did you own and occupy the home as your principal residence for at least two years of the five-year period prior to the sale?
Did you ever rent out this property?
Did you ever use any portion of the home for business purposes?
Have you or your spouse sold a principal residence within the last two years?
At the time of the sale, was the residence owned by the:

Schedule C/Sole Proprietorship

Did you have income or loss from a sole proprietorship? If yes, please complete the Schedule C section within the Organizer
For purposes of the new Section 199A tax deduction, please provide a clear description of the nature of your business:

Real Estate Professional

Did you perform real estate activities such as rental, development, brokerage, acquisition or management that exceeded 750 hours in all such activities?
Can you substantiate such hours claimed?

S Corporation and Partnership/LLC

Did you receive (or will you be receiving) any K-1s during 2018?
If yes, please refer to the Schedule E page in your Tax Organizer.
List below those K-1's in which you materially participated (500 hours or more).
Can you substantiate such hours claimed?
Did you incur any unreimbursed business expenses related to your S-Corporation or LLC? If yes, please provide a summary by expense category.


Did you make gifts of more than $15,000 to any individual or if married, did you and/or your spouse make combined gifts of over $30,000 to any individual?
If yes, please provide additional information below:
Gift amount: $
Property type:


Did you or your dependents incur any post-secondary education expenses, such as tuition?

Trust and 529 Plans

Did you form any new trusts this year?
For any trust you created or for which you are the trustee, have any beneficiaries died during 2018?
Did you withdraw amounts from a Coverdell Education Savings Account or Qualified Education Program (Section 529 plan)? If Yes, include Form 1099-Q.
Did you or your spouse make any contributions to Qualified State Tuition Plans (Section 529 plans) during 2018:
If Yes, enter the following:
TS Name of
Designated Beneficiary
State Sponsoring
Account Number 2018 Amount Contributed

Other Items for Planning

Do you have a will or living trusts set up?
Date of Will/last updated?
Does your spouse have a will or living trusts set up?
Date of will/last updated?
If your net worth is over $1 million, have you discussed an estate plan with an attorney or Newburg & Company, LLP?
Have you created an irrevocable life insurance trust?
Do you have disability/life insurance outside of what your employer provides?
Coverage details:
Do you have long-term care insurance?
Coverage details:
Name of your estate planning attorney:


List brokerage houses where investments are held:
Does your financial advisor meet with you throughout the year and maintain an up-to-date financial plan for you?

Retirement Accounts

Do you hold retirement accounts outside of your company/job?
Type (IRA/Rollover IRA/ROTH/ROTH Rollover, etc.):

2019 Tax Planning

Do you expect any of the following to occur in 2019?
A change in your marital status or the number of dependents
A substantial change in your income or withholdings?
A substantial change in your deductions?
If yes to any of the above, please provide explanations below:


Have you uploaded or sent in all your information for tax preparation?
If not, when is the expected date that all your data will be sent/uploaded?
Will you be receiving any requisite tax information (e.g. K1 forms, etc.) late or after the April 15, 2019 deadline that may warrant filing an extension?
Will estimates be provided for these late K-1s?
Please provide details below:


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