Software CPA’s – Boston, MA

Why Choose Newburg & Company, LLP for Your Software Company Accounting Needs?

As the world is taken over by computers and we move from working with pen and paper to a paperless environment, computer software is becoming a more important industry. The IRS and state taxing authorities are taking more notice than ever before of the potential taxable events in a software company’s daily life. The laws are getting more complex at each turn. With 30 years of experience in helping software companies wade through the waters of constantly changing legislation, Newburg and Company, LLP has the experience you need. As software CPA’s in Boston, MA, we have dealt with many different kinds of software companies. We have a deep understanding about the complexity of the tax law, specifically in how it applies to your business.

Experienced Software CPA’s in State Income and Sales Taxation in Boston, MA

Do you know the difference in the application of the sales tax laws between delivering software electronically and mailing a CD? Have you been keeping up with the latest state tax changes as they apply to sales tax and the taxability of software sales in different states? Of course not! You are busy trying to run your business. So why not let us do the research and the reading of the tax compliance jargon and let you stick to what you do best ‐ making your business great! Let us, as software CPA’s, do the work for you.

We monitor the ever changing criteria that states use to decide their state’s taxability of computer software; this monitoring for your business could mean avoiding costly fines from states within which you missing filing. As software CPA’s we have resources at our fingertips that allow us to monitor the changes in the laws that apply to your business.

As software CPA’s we start by understanding your particular software company. Then we get into the particulars, i.e., how your software is shipped, training policies, sales tax states, etc. With this information we can develop a state by state matrix that will help you determine in which states you should be filing. Also the matrix will help guide you to where you should charge sales tax vs. where you are exempt.

Software CPA's Boston MA

Typical Software Company Services:

  • Yearly tax return filings
  • Compliance checks for income and sales tax filings
  • Research into complicated tax issues
  • Mailings of updates on tax law as it applies to your business
  • Industry research services
  • Financial preparation
  • Bookkeeping services

Personalized Software CPA’s, Service and Reliability

Here at Newburg and Company, LLP, we pride ourselves in being highly informed software CPA’s in Boston, MA who can assist you in a variety of ways. We understand your time is important, that is why you are assigned a team that will work together to make sure you are always taken care of. Our response time to clients is impeccable and we strive to make you feel like we are your own personal software CPA’s. We promise it won’t feel like working with a computer.

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