Construction CPA’s Boston, MA

Having inside knowledge of your unique business environment.

Having worked with many construction and real estate clients in Boston, MA and the surrounding areas, Newburg & Company, LLP, is able to give you a knowledgeable perspective on where profitable opportunities lie for your individual interests and goals. Being construction CPA’s in Boston, MA, we will provide you with practical solutions that make sense to your industry and your business. We work with real estate professionals and developers in a variety of areas.

Services Relative to Construction CPA’s in Boston, MA & Our Clients

Construction CPA's Boston MA

  • Like kind exchange consultation
  • Transaction structuring for purchases and due diligence
  • Choice of entity and liability protection review
  • Project job costing & burden analyses
  • Affordable housing/40(b) project audits/financials
  • Internal control analysis
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Percentage completion and completed contract accounting
  • Business succession planning
  • Series LLCs

Construction CPA’s with Tools to Take Your Company to the Next Level

Whether you need financial statements to obtain funding to grow your firm or to meet bonding requirements, we will work with you to achieve your goals. Based on the size and scope of what you are trying to accomplish, you will need an independent CPA to prepare financial statements on the level of assurance required by the surety or bank. We also work with a number of banking and surety professionals in the areas around Waltham and Boston, MA.

Surety Bonds – In order to obtain bonding for projects that require bid, performance or payment bonds, you will need reviewed or audited financial statements. While sureties may offer smaller programs that only require reviewed financial statements, most programs require audited financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Loans and Lines of Credit – Banks sometimes need certain levels of assurance depending on the size of the loan or line of credit you are trying to obtain. In order to provide the level of assurance required to the bank, you will need one of three levels of financial statements prepared by an independent CPA. Audited financial statements provide the highest level of assurance due to the extensive procedures required in order to prepare them. Reviewed statements provide limited assurance since they are less comprehensive than audits and primarily consist of inquiries and analytical procedures. Compilations provide no assurance and are designed to help present your company’s data in proper form based on GAAP or OCBOA. Due to the complex nature of construction accounting, it is important to work with a CPA firm that is familiar with preparing financial statements for construction firms. Let us put our extensive experience in construction accounting to work for you. Whatever level of assurance your bank needs, we, as real estate CPA’s and construction CPA’s in Boston, MA, will work with you to meet the requirements set by your bank and secure the funding necessary to grow your business.

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