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Estate Planning & Compliance

Estate Planning & Compliance

At Newburg & Company, we provide our clients with comprehensive estate planning to protect their assets from unnecessary taxation. Since we were founded in 1984, we have emphasized estate planning as an integral tool to link together one’s financial plan, retirement plan, charitable intent, family financial planning and wealth transfer from one generation to
the next.

Estate planning is a critical component of your financial plan. There are many planning opportunities available to assure that you maximize the transfer of wealth to your chosen beneficiaries and minimize the amount of estate taxes paid at death. We will work with your family’s attorney or can recommend one that will provide excellent service and creative solutions to your estate planning issues.

We also offer a complete range of insurance products and solutions to achieve your planning requirements.

A Guide For Life

At Newburg & Company, we are your partners in planning. As you age, your concerns and financial planning needs will grow and diversify, and so should the plans and guidance you receive. CPA PrimePlus ServicesSM is a unique package of services designed to maintain and enhance your life experience or that of your loved ones. Whether you are just on the cusp of retirement or considering alternative living options and home management, your trusted associates at Newburg & Company, LLP will help you through the steps you need to take so that your life experiences get richer and your security stays strong.

Financial Goal Setting and Investment Analysis

A personal financial plan will be developed by reviewing investment allocations, time horizons, objectives and risk tolerance. The plan will educate you as to your options with the ultimate goal of providing the assurance of meeting both your current and future financial needs. We will be available for management and consultation regarding all aspects of your investment portfolio.

Estate Planning

Analysis of current assets with the objective of developing a plan which will ensure the orderly transition of wealth to your heirs consistent with your wishes. The plan is geared toward protecting and preserving the assets that you worked so hard to achieve by focusing on maximizing the transfer of those assets to future generations.

Medicaid/Medicare Planning

Medicare planning will focus on education relating to benefits and includes counseling concerning the selection of a proper supplemental drug plan.
Medicaid planning involves asset protection techniques and typically starts several years prior to actual need.

Living Options and Home Management Analysis

An assessment will be made of housing options as your needs change inclusive of funding mechanism. We have pre-screened and evaluated numerous living options and home management agencies which will provide a valuable resource to your decision making process.

Accounting Plus Services Inclusive of Budgeting and Bill Paying

Your trusted advisor will analyze and monitor your income and expenses leaving you the time and resources to maximize daily life experiences.

Home, Health, Life, and Long Term Care Insurance Analysis

A determination of the adequacy of coverage will be made. While insurance serves multiple purposes, such as asset and income protection, there are considerations as to when disability coverage should be purchased vs. the timing of when long-term care insurance should be obtained. The need for life insurance varies with age and circumstances. Life insurance is also used to enhance or preserve an estate.

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